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Pickhead Axe – 6lb.


Identical to the original ‘Seagrave Axe’, the 6 lb Head is mirror polished steel and measures 12″ long, including the 5″ Pick. Mounted on your choice of handle.



Modeled after the famed “Seagrave Axe” carried by Los Angeles City Firemen in the early 1900s. This is the axe carried by the LAFD today.

See a proud and practical firefighter reflected in your axe.

This is more than just another axe. It’s a work of functional fireman’s art that you can swing with power – and pride – for generations to come. The Firefighter Axe may look like a decorative presentation axe, but it’s made to be used. Used daily. Used hard. Then proudly passed down to the next firefighter in your family. Today’s cheaper machine-made fire axes simply can’t compare.

A longer pick for a more secure purchase.

At almost 5″, the poll, (or pick end) is twice as long most pick-head fire axes. Plus it’s designed with a higher, more squared cross section that really digs in. The Firefighter Axe has proven more effective for digging, prying, and picking. And because it can penetrate more deeply into a wider range of materials, you can count on the Firefighter Axe to provide a faster, stronger, more positive purchase, especially in critical situations.

Redesigned to punch through faster, penetrate more deeply, and come back for more.

In reducing the head length to 12″ (to fit today’s common gear racks and axe holders), and subtly streamlining the cross-section, Fire Axe. Inc was able to equalize the balance of the head, with its weight precisely centered over the axis of the handle, balanced front-to-back and side-to-side, the Firefigher Axe not only swings more easily, it flies straight, landing a more solid blow without tending to tip. An integral guard extends down the blade side of the head to enhance rigidity and protect the handle against impact on full penetration or overstrikes. And because the mirror polished surface creates far less friction, you’ll find the Firefigher Axe cuts deeper, cuts cleaner, cuts faster…and stays sharp for the next time.

Virtually hand made in the USA, with the finest American raw materials.

Each high grade tool steel head is painstakingly hand-cast with the same lost-wax investment casting method used to reproduce fine sculpture…and precisely ground to the ideal blade angle for the optimum balance of sharpness and durability. Then the heads are heat treated to make them twice as hard as a regular fire axe, and hand polished to a mirror finish. These axes are all steel – not chrome plated. They’ll cut through 16-penny nails and remain razor sharp. And cleaning is quick and easy. With a little care, your Firefighter Axe will keep its good looks, and fine edge, for at least as long you own it.

Securely mounted to a stronger handle. Choose Fiberglass or Wood.

The Firefighter Axe’s superior performance doesn’t stop at the head. Whether you choose a wood or fiberglass handle, these are probably the best axe handles you’ll find anywhere. Available in 28″ 32″ and 36″ lengths.

Traditional Tennessee hickory

The wooden handle is made by American craftsmen of the finest 2nd growth Tennessee Hickory. And it’s attached to the head not with a single wedge, like most axes, but four! One lateral wood wedge and three additional metal wedges work together to brace the head in all dimensions. Frankly, if you ever want to replace the handle, you’ll have to drill out the old one.

High-performance fiberglass.

A handle made exclusively for the Firefighter Axe by NUPLA Corp., one of America’s top manufacturers of tool handles. The medium brown fiberglass haft was designed to look as much like a traditional wooden handle as possible. But it’s rated at 1200 lbs. And it’s so firmly epoxied to the head that it simply won’t come off. Plus its textured grip, short throat, and “fawn’s foot” knob provides a firm, non-slip grip, even with wet gloves. No matter which handle you choose, this is an axe you’re going to hold onto…no matter what.


Material: High grade tool steel, heat treated
Rockwell Hardness: HRC: 50-58.
Weight: 6 lbs.
Overall length: 12″
Pick: 4-5/8″, patented design
Blade Cutting Surface: 4-3/4″
Handle Guard: Patented feature extends 1-1/2″ below head

Additional information

Weight 10.1 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 13 × 2 in

Wood, Fiberglass


28in., 32in., 36in.

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