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Axe for Firefighters, Made By Firefighters

Enhancements to a classic design made the Fire Axe, Inc. Pick Head Firefighter Axe the first choice of the LAFD. The famed Collins Tool "Seagrave Axe" was carried by Los Angeles City Firemen in the early 1900s. It was a great firefighting tool in its day, and still highly prized-if you can find one. When LAFD firefighter, Jason Knight, the founder of Fire Axe, Inc., discovered they hadn't been made since 1925, and the original dies were long gone. He decided to make his own-and make it even better-improving both its legendary effectiveness and its durability. It was heartily adopted by the LAFD as their current primary fire axe. Jason's Axes were shown on the History Channels Modern Marvels: "Axes" this year.
"These axes are made to be abused! The axe heads are made from high grade tool steel, heat treated and polished (not chrome plated.) If we had to sum up their performance in one sentence, we would simply say: These axes held up better than any other axe we have ever used."